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In this workshop we'll look at the facts involved in understanding how addressing unconscious bias and mental health can improve your workplace both for everyone working there and for your bottom line.

This is an opportunity for senior managers and HR to step away from their day to day role to connect and exchange ideas amongst peers.

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias affects everyone, it’s a natural part of being human. It stems from the society we’re members of, our parents, and our peer groups. Being so deeply embedded, it is not easy to get rid of, and it greatly affects our ability to achieve our potential as individuals and as businesses.

People would like to treat others fairly, but sometimes our unconscious minds trip us up. By starting the process of becoming aware of our unconscious minds, we can improve decision-making and increase the likelihood that we align our actions with what we say are our beliefs.

Jasmine will take you through unconscious bias from her perspective as a social anthropologist working in corporates. This means that she really wants to help you understand the cold, hard facts that underpin our daily, qualitative experiences.

This part of the workshop provides an understanding of the costs to individuals and businesses if unconscious bias goes unaddressed. It is meant to be thought-provoking: come prepared to challenge and be challenged.

The learning objectives for this part of our interactive workshop are to:

Understand what unconscious bias is
Assist attendees’ to recognise and manage their own biases

Look at what return on investment companies can expect when they address UB
Identify strategies for minimising bias

Mental Health

We all have mental health. Our mental health impacts our every waking hour and how we show up at work.

70 million work days are lost each year due to mental health issues in the UK, at an estimated cost of £2.4bn per year to employers (Mental Health Foundation).

Eimear will guide you through the overview of mental health; we'll look at its impact positively and negatively in the workplace and how we can support each other in creating mentally healthy workplaces. 

In this part of the workshop we'll focus on defining mental health. We'll explore our beliefs and attitudes (our biases) in relation to mental health in the workplace. You'll have an opportunity for interaction and to learn how our mental health flows through a continuum. We'll also explore how we can create healthier workplaces and what part you can take in that. 

The learning objectives for this part of our interactive workshop are to:

Define mental health
Describe how your frame of reference impacts your perceptions surrounding mental health
Explore the mental health continuum and how you might use this learning in the workplace
Improve your skills and condifence in dealing with mental health in the workplace
Outline the business case for developing mentally healthy workplaces

Jasmine and Eimear look forward to meeting you and facilitating your experience.

There will be time to network and learn from each other, and of course, we'll provide snacks, coffee and tea!

Kind regards, 

Jasmine and Eimear

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